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     Security Engineering.
The primary goal of any security engineering program or practice is to protect people and assets from loss or harm by preventing, protecting crimes in our environment and have total control our space. In terms of physical security, our security engineers are uniquely positioned to play crucial roles in various security projects. by providing consulting, deploy solution/strategy, business process reengineering and tailored system for individual, business, industry and government security needs.

An effective security engineering program starts with site selection, site analysis, evaluation of community interaction, planning, selection of appropriate effective countermeasures, designing effective countermeasures, controls, barriers, and provides for safety.

During the conceptual phase of a project, our security consultants can be consulted for any new construction, remodeling, or modification of any buildings, facilities, or site. We reviews plans to ensure that security issues and infrastructures are given adequate considerations, and provides a report highlighting any deficiencies and presents written recommendations for correcting potential problems.

Countermeasures include access controls, locks and keys, intrusion detection systems, CCTV, monitoring and self monitoring systems, safes and vaults, construction infrastructures, and environmental security design, perimeter security, barriers, windows, doors, lighting, parking lot controls, and vehicular access controls. While many of these measures will represent additional costs to a construction budget, others high security locks like Medeco may be incorporated at little or no cost.

Other considerations, such as the placement of openings, glazing, sidelite, doors, should add little or no cost to a project aside from a modest addition to design time.  Our consultants give detail attention, include:

  • How easy is it to enter the space during normal operation hours and after hours?

  •  Does the location of the doors and windows facilitate or hamper uninvited entrance?

  •  Are "targets" (items of interest) by their locations vulnerable within a structure to both internal and external theft and vandalism?

  •  Do entrance ways, both intended and unintended, allow intruders to be easily seen? Obstructed views of entrances, including windows, provide safe zones for thieves and vandals to work.

  • Is there a clear perimeter zone, and can security patrols, police, and neighbors see the surrounding area easily?

With the creation of electronic storage, the fear of fire, theft or vandalism to your firm and its valuable intellectual assets are no longer the only threats, security in IT and telecommunication sectors in terms of data and computers are inextricably linked in today's business world.

If your business stores critical or sensitive data, or uses the Internet, or offers outside access to your servers; you are at risk. The concerns will vary from business to business, and our security consultants would accurately assess threat in concert with your knowledgeable staff, and countermeasures would be designed to improve your business or company security policies, practices, infrastructures including encryption and digital signing capabilities, anti virus software, firewall, cyber security, etc.

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