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HighTel is a leading provider of total support engineering and procurement services for integrated wireless and fixed telecommunication carriers. Our capabilities in procuring/sourcing the right equipment/products to our clients ahead of their rivals
are unmatched worldwide. We work closely with our clients and offer the necessary support required to meet their project goals by designing, preparing, implementing and deploying telecommunication solutions for their projects in a timely, cost effective and organized manner.


HighTel offers necessary design & build, and procurement services to fully support major telecommunication carriers worldwide, by providing surveys, feasibility studies, site acquisition and planning, permit processing, radio frequency, civil/structural, mechanical, electrical, environmental, geotechnical, information technology, material testing, cell site security system, construction inspection/management, tower or structural design/evaluation/strengthening, expert witnessing, cell site construction, etc.


 We provide total engineering and procurement services to our  diverse clients in private and public sectors world wide, and take pride in the quality and experience of our very committed staff. 

Over the years, HighTel and HighTel partners have built an outstanding reputation in telecommunication support industry. We have the capacity and professional expertise to plan, implement, deploy and complete multiple projects simultaneously. Our staff are dedicated to providing swift and cost effective services that today's projects demand, and getting the job done on schedule and within budget.

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