Construction Management Services.
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Apart from Architectural/Engineering services, Highness provides program/project and construction management services, operations and maintenance services for building, transportation, hazardous waste, industrial processing and petrochemical, energy, general building water/wastewater and security projects, etc.

 Project management ties together all activities on a project. A project may be well conceived and adequately financed; the contracts may be carefully drawn up; the consultants, contractors and designers may be experts, but without a well coordinated efforts of all the participants, the project may fall short in technical quality, fail to meet schedule and overrun the budget.

At Highness, our highly skilled and experienced construction management teams provide assurance to the owner of a well-run, problem-free job site. The team of experienced construction/engineering professionals provides cost control, scheduling coordination, quality control and timely execution of plans, integrating all the individual elements of a project.  We provide in-depth management and supervision of all projects, with hands-on involvement by the principals and project managers from start to finish. In addition to general building, tenant improvement and retrofit services.

Highness familiarity and knowledge of local building codes, safety requirements, permit processing, etc. in the construction process is critical in the project's on-time and on-budget completion according to plan. We can perform construction management services on all types of infrastructure assignments throughout the World. We represent the owner's interest throughout the project execution, from start to finish, to ensure schedule and Spec. compliance, coordinate proper document control and optimize the owner's investment in the project.

 As you CM, Highness Groups acts as the owners’ representative, evaluate bids, coordinate/plan pre and post construction activities, such as selecting and supervising contractors, manage the schedule, procurement, construction inspection, contract administration, solve problems at a level of involvement that is greater than that of the traditional general contractor.

 Our expertise includes but not limited to the following specialties:

      ·        Estimating

·        Planning

·        Scheduling

·        Contract Preparation

·        Specification Preparation

·        Proposal Preparation

·        General Contracting

·         Design-Build Services

·        Turnkey Project Services

·        Competitive Bid Contracting

·        Bid Evaluation

·        Construction Inspection

·        Material Testing

·        Program/Project Management, etc.

We offer two types of CM arrangements. As an "Agency" Construction Manager, Highness manages the project without doing any of the actual construction work, so that contracts are billed directly to the owner, who assumes the risk of over-budget expense. In the other arrangement, all contracts go to Highness as the Construction Management Company, which is now " at risk" for budget overruns. In this case we may perform some of the construction work.

When clients choose Highness to be the Construction Manager of their project, Highness in effect, become part of their staff ­ to protect their interest, control costs, and take overall responsibility for the project success.

Highness Groups experience and organizational skills ensure;

  • Accurate and achievable estimates
  • Lower overall costs
  • Reduced risk
  • Better quality projects completed on schedule
  • Fast, trouble-free start-up
  • Smooth, efficient and safe operation
  • Fewer surprises
  • Fewer change orders
  • A better facility

Compensation for Construction Management services is on a fee basis. This cost should not be viewed as an added expense over and above a traditionally bid project, since the fee is more than covered by cost reductions resulting directly from the Construction Management processes such as,

  • Bid evaluation/management multiple prime contractor

  • Value engineering

  • Constructability Review

  • Change Order Control

  • Elimination of contractor markup

For additional information, please contact us.

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